Library Mission and Objectives

The library is one of the most important university institutions. It has become one of the criteria by which universities can be evaluated, especially in light of the technological development, information and digital orientation of the world.

The most important thing that feeds the thought of the university professor and student is the information provided by the library, which is one of the most important channels that can be used in the dissemination of culture in the community is the heart of the pulse and the university interface.

The importance of the university library stems from the encouragement of scientific research and dissemination among teachers and students and contribute to the building of community thought and the protection of heritage and human and scientific thought and the education and development of human cadres.

We are living in the era of the information revolution, especially university libraries and libraries have been developing because they need that development and change from traditional libraries to hybrid hybrid libraries combining traditional and modern electronic form.

Finally, my future aspirations are focused on the vision of the library at the University of Isalahaddin and its sub-libraries, which is well developed and challenging its mission to serve researchers and students.

Mission and Objectives

  • Developing the work of the Central Library to support the great information development witnessed by the world.
  • Restructuring the library in a way that provides the service information for researchers and pioneers.
  • Establishing scientific cooperation between the Central Library and other central libraries and public libraries.
  • Development of owners through lectures by specialists in library science and workshops.
  • Providing important sources and references for researchers.
  • Create a scientific climate for reading.